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Official Biography: Cha Mu Won‏ (Jaejoong’s character in Protect the Boss)

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Being Strategy Team 2′s team leader and director of C group, he is the first cousin of Ji Hyun and only son of CEO Shin Soo Hee who is the sister-in-law of Chairman Cha (the current executive of C group).

Although he is the director of Team 2, in fact he is the internal manipulator who is also in full responsibility for Ji Hyun’s Team 1. As he is good in interpreting and understanding people, this prince of financial world is excellent with interaction and would not lose his poise and graciousness at any moment.

When Ji Hyun got himself entangled in a web of rumours due to a scandalous incident, Mu Won was on the other hand being fully reported as the capable young management executive who is pulling through the responsibilities as the 3rd generation successor.

Though the highly rated facet, it was no falsity.

He has been receiving management coaching from his mother Shin Soo Hee since young and the impressive results he achieved soon after he joined the enterprise gained the trust of Chairman Cha and all the employees. With such achievement, the prediction that Mu Won would be the next C Group’s CEO instead of Ji Hyun appeared in the financial world.

Without a doubt, his main target was to have the conglomerate’s management. This ambition of Mu Won was descended by his mother Shin Soo Hee. The chairman position of C group was not originally the possession of the second son Chairman Cha, but of the eldest son who is Mu Won’s father. Chairman Cha took over the management’s helm from his brother, resulting in Mu Won’s father being outcasted in the conglomerate and died eventually.

Although Mu Won’s father dies of cancer, Shin Soo Hee and Mu Won blamed the death to Chairman Cha. After the negotiation with Chairman Cha, Shin Soo Hee solely took charge of her husband’s subsidiary company. With her angst and rivalry hatred, Shin Soo Hee stepped into the management and became the unscrupulous and capable female CEO, gradually aiming that control, in replacement for her husband. However this does not resolve the anger within her. She hopes to actualize the ambition that is left behind by her husband through her son, Mu Won.

credit: protect the boss website+mazejae
trans by: rachui@sharingyoochun
Shared by: JYJ3


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  1. This story really intrigues me. I can hardly wait!!


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