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Brazilian model reveals some details about JYJ new MV

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“Jane: The MV was recorded on Sunday, 24/07 days, started at 1pm and stayed until 6pm. It was exactly the same studio where it are recorded the MV of 2PM with different set that it was incredible!
I remembered those little streets of New York with all its signboards, clubs, dirty places, smoke and rain. Oh and of course the cars that belonged to their own members. In the scene, they appeared singing in cars and we were around.
They also are well likeable, but I interacted little with them- they followed all the work up close when they were not watching the scene and watched everything.
And so pretty personally how much in the photos :)”

Also, Jane told us that she is the only Brazilian, two of the girls are Russian and one is American. The JYJ was until the 2 am only doing the filming and the models ended at 6 pm.

She also said: “Their skin looks like porcelain, so cute!” and “They were so chic suit and black necktie, the 3.”




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