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[TRANS] 110730 JYJ Kawaii Conversations @ NII Fanmeet

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Below is translation is based on attending fans’ fanaccount. 
The boys seems to in high spirit today ^o^ They are sooo cute! o(^▽^)o

  • Q1 to JJ: Do you remember your first love?
    JJ Ans: I met the girl i went out with in 6th grade for 4 years and 8 months once last year…JJ then talked about “a man’s heart”
  • Q2 to YC: How many songs composed by JYJ in new album?
    YC Ans: I don’t know bc we are still working on it
  • Jae said that they will put in the songs they showed at the concert in the new album after improving it and said that it will come out if you wake up from sleep a few times LOL
  • Q3 to JS: I heard you look at the body first instead of the face in a woman?
    JYJ laughed a lot… said something like it’s good if they’re pretty….  JS is only about body (in a woman) Jae is laughing like crazy… JJ said he’s okay with women that are between 10 years older and younger. JS asked if women that are younger than 10 years def aren’t okay… and JJ said that he doesn’t want the person he loves to die first~ YC likes older women better and the people he saw as women were usually older… the three are having fun amongst themselves and laughing. JS told YC to meet younger women now so YC said he is trying but isn’t working out too well~ he said he’ll probably meet someone when it’s the right time~ From the women that he went out with, 98% were older~
  • JJ is saying hi to jap fans in japanese~ the interpreter passed the job to him saying that fans will like it better if he does it
  • JJ kept scratching his back bc it was itchy so yc scratched it for him lol
  • Because JJ had nii photoshoot yesterday and had filming for ptb starting early morning and is going back for more filming after the nii fanmeet, JJ looked tired T_T he kept drinking americano… he sang a bit of the song “americano.” but he was really handsome~
  • When fans screamed, JJ answered but kept “training” them…!! cold jaejoong~♥ even when he found the wallet he kept on going should i give it back or not… and worried if fans, from now on, will loose their purses on purpose! LOL! (JJ had found purse of a fan and shook her hand TT )
  • YC was requested to take off his sunglasses but he refused. He only took off his sunglasses off during making his last comments
  • The members sent the best wishes to PtB and are looking forward to director song and director cha meeting (they’re joking) JS said that he wants to appear as director song’s secretary and YC replied that he wanted a female secretary so JS said he will dress as a woman then LOL
  • Yesterday, they had a photoshoot for nii together~ they wore padded jackets but the weather got hot. When JS said they had the nii photoshoot at a “fension” YC said that it’s “pension” with a p not f LOL
  • When YC was handing the life-sized figure to the fan that was picked, he said told her to not carve out the eyes if she gets mad LOL! YC said he saw on the internet how people took it home and was embarrassed lol. YC imitated fan who is surprised after getting picked~ picking the fan right now~ they’re all worried about how she would take it home~
  • When JS said that he’ll appear on ptb as director song’s secretary, yc said that he wanted a female secretary. JS said that he’ll dress as a woman then. lol then YC and JJ said that they’re okay with it but the drama will become weird lol. + they held the traditional good luck ceremony they said that they had for their recording studio today!

Credits: @luvjey+@seaweed64
Translated By: @_withjyj
Shared By: JYJ3


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