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“JYJ fans support UNAIDS” video project


As you all know, JYJ are now UNAIDS ambassadors.

The boys are showing their kind heart and are trying to fight discriminations against people who have HIV.

As their fans, we also should follow their example.

So we have a video project to show that we, JYJ fans, support UNAIDS’ actions.

If you want to participate to the video, all you have to do is to send us:

– a short video in english, or in an other language but with an translation in an other language sent to us (if you send us the translation in the e-mail without subbing the video, then we’ll put the subs ourselves so it’ll be the same font), saying in which country you live, and giving either one reason to support UNAID or sending out a message to people who discriminate


– a picture, along with the country where you’re from and a short written message, with a content similar to the content for video messages.

We believe that by showing our support we will contribute to spread the love that is necessary to fight discrimination.

By having people from many contries contributing, we also want to show that the fight against AIDS knows now frontier.

You have up to September, 30th to send your contribution.

Please send your contribution to

You can also e-mail us for any question.

Please be a lot to contribute ^_^

Facebook event:


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  1. Yo apoyo esta causa!! @UNAIDS Hwating!!

  2. Yo tb gracias por la info!! xD

  3. Lets do this 😀 can we post a drawing too ^^

    • Hi
      Sure a drawing is fine as well, I didn’t think about this possibility (maybe because my drawing skills suck) but that’s a great idea too

  4. when is the deadline to the entry if we want to send in pics/vids etc. and is there a size limit on the pictures and videos, and is there a certain amount of pics/vids a person can send? thank you ^^

    • Dead line is September, 30th.
      As for the size, well if it’s a pic just make sure it’s big enough to be in good quality for a video.
      If you mean how long the video should be, there’s no minimum time, and as for a maximum size, 45sec. seems enough but if you think you really need more, then I’m OK fine.
      I also want you all to be happy with your message so I won’t put in too much limits^^

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