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[News] German magazine Popcorn writtes a blog article about JYJ

Translation of the article:

(note: since the article has been edited concerning where to get tickets, we only translated the edited part with the real info)

K-fans: pack your stuff and off to Berlin!

There, the absolute Live-Highlight of 2011 is waiting for you: JYJ offer themselves to the german capital.

On the 6th of November, the K-pop stars will perfom in the Tempodrom in Berlin! Their management said: “The boys have received so many letters and even phone calls from fans from Europe, so they have decided to offer their live show to the local fans. Their loyal supporters really deserve it! “

For now, we have (unfortunately) planned only two European gigs of JYJ. Before Berlin, Yuchun& Co. will take over Barcelona on the 26th of October.  If the concerts are successful, the group will consider a larger tour for 2012.

And how do I get tickets? The presales already started strongly. You can still find tickets here: !!

Who knows, maybe that after a successful visit of JYJ in Berlin, more K-pop concerts will come in the future in Germany. What do you think, will you soon hear and see more about K-pop in Germany? Tell us your opinion  by posting a comment on our Facebook!

Credits: Popcorn

Translated by: @JYJinEurope


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  1. Thank you the translation 🙂


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