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Barcelone fanprojects: Reminder / Sum-up

JYJ’s Barcelone concert is in 2 weeks

Here is a reminder of the different fanprojects:

Red ocean:

The most basic thing is to get your red lightstick/glowstick ready – let’s show them we love red^^


This project is pretty easy: to show fans’ unity, we’ll hold our neighbours’ hands and put our hands up, waving them in rythm… (I’m sure you get the idea^^)

In Heaven white ocean:

This white ocean will be made with our phones.

Of course if you do have white lighsticks/glowsticks you can use them. But we’ll mainly use our phones.

It can be the integrated flash of your phone camera, a light application if you have a smartphone (or an iPod touch) or put an all-white picture on your phone screen.

Fallen Leaves project:

It’s a sing-along project. Because the boys said their hope is to have european fans singing along to them. Also we invite you to join us to create fansigns which we will hold during this song so they can see them. And what would be better than showing them our gratitude? ^^ So everyone can easily print one, A4 paper (regular sheet) will be used, and everyone will use their own language, followed by the Korean translation.

Get the file in your by clicking language here

Be My Girl flashmob

You know what flashmob is about right? So all you have to do is to learn the dance 😉


Ayy Girl:




In Heaven


Get Out

This post is only a sum-up of the projects for during the concert, just to make sure you didn’t miss one project.

For more information about these projects and more related projects, click here.


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  1. Ok i already learned Be My Girl flashmob I have my red lightstick ready for the concert and i saved this pic in my mobile phone for In Heaven

    I also already know Empty, Mission and Ayyy Girl fanchants and i’m waiting for the rest to come up 🙂
    All thats left for me is to print the Thank You message and learn the lyrics of Fallen Leaves thats not going to be easy but things aren’t going as bas as I thought 😛


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