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[Pics + Trans K-Wave] “I am a fan” (YOGI, JYJ-fanartist)

Cho Young-Pil created a huge fanclub made of young teenagers for the first time in Korea. Seo Tae-Ji was named president of culture and H.O.T. became a foundation of Korean fanclubs thanks to its “agressivity”.

At that time, fans were listening again and again the audio tapes of their artists, until the day when they wanted more. That’s why they started to wait in front of the banks for hours to buy concert tickets. Fans have sent a lot of letters and gifts to idols, a especially thanks to the Internet, they’ve posted videos in which they thing their favorite songs on Youtube. A new branch is opening, in which fans can show in a quite original way how they support their favorite artists.

K-Wave has interviewed a fan-artist called Yogi, who became popular thanks to the fandom that she joined: JYJ’s. With her drawings, she became famous among the members of JYJ fandom. Her blogs keep the highest number of visits, even when she doesn’t post drawings.

Recently, she officially became the supporter of the “Protect the Boss” drama in which JYJ members appear. She’s gotten her display board on the home page of the drama, on which her drawings appeared. YOGI is an independant fan-artist who works on a portraits website at the same time.

Yogi’s profile

Name: YOGI

Age: 20

Hobbies:Taking pictures, drawing JYJ.

She words for a website that produces portrait, “Hyunart”, and uses the nickname “labiebel”. Yogi’s drawings appear in the famous drama “Protect the Boss”.

Q: What made you become a JYJ fan?

A: I’ve been a TVXQ fan for 7 years. I became a fan when seeing their “Tri-angle” MV and I started to get interested in this music. I think that I like strong things. Now, I actually work as a JYJ fan. At some time I had financial problems, but when hearing an interview of JYJ, they encouraged me to strongly have faith in myself. To me, JYJ are like a swamp from which I can’t escape.

Q: Why drawing JYJ?

A: When I draw something, I’m used to drawing what I like and what I’m interested in, so it’s clearly the reason why I started to draw JYJ.

Q: Do you have funny memories while working as a fan-artist?

A: First, my drawing skills and the way I use the programms have improved. Several people were surprized to learn that I’ve studied fine arts, because to be honnest the drawings that I post on the websites are simply cute characters. In short, 90% of my works are JYJ drawings. When I draw for classes, it takes me 4-5 months from the start to the final drawing, while I can do 30 JYJ drawings per day (laugh). Lately, my friends have started to worry about me, because I’m too serious about it… But I can help loving JYJ.

Q: Do you have difficulties when working as a fan-artist?

A: It’s really hard when people use my drawings for a commercial use. If these people are in Korea, then I can ask them to stop. Well, there’s been several cases, when people in foreign countries sell T-shirts and other goodies with my drawings. I feel irritated and angry when it happens because my drawings have a pure purpose.

Q: Do you have an encouraging message for JYJ?

A: I’ll always thank them for giving me good music. I hope that JYJ understand that a lot of fans are happy thanks to them. I also wish that JYJ will always be happy and healthy. I’m not sure of what it the life of celebrities, because I don’t live that life, but I’m sure that it’s a tiring job. Hence, I don’t believe in any religion but I pray every day for JYJ. I would just like to say that, please, take care of your health because health is the most important. I’ll alway support you guys.

Yogi’s blog ->

Cr. K-Wave Magazine, Yogi

Trans.: JYJinEurope


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