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[Pics + Trans K-Wave] JYJ, a determined trio

The group JYJ – from Asia to the USA to Europe… A Spain-Germain tour.

The group JYJ, composed of Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu, gave their  first concert in Europe.

On October, 29th, JYJ lauched the first concert of their European tour in Spain. After Spain, the second performance was held in Berlin, in the Tempodrom, where the winner of “Britain’s got talent” recently held a concert.

CJ Entertainment (C-JeS), who is responsible for JYJ’s management, said that after the release of JYJ’s worldwide album, there’s been so many love calls from Eastern and Northern Europe that it was impossible for them to not perform there.

C-JeS admits that “the choice of the cities for the European tour was a strategy to reach Northern, Western and Eastern Europe”. And we can understand them!

The promoter of the Spain concert explains that the reason for JYJ’s popularity in Europe is their particular music that fits their European fans’ taste, but also because they produced and album in english, and most of all because of their great abilities as live performers.

JYJ added that they were “very impressed and happy to prepare for a performance in a new city with fans that they had never met before” and also showed their determination to “produce the best performance with the best team because of the global expectations”, and hence successfully completed their concert.

This wasn’t JYJ’s first performance outside of Korea. After the production of their worldwide album “The Beginning” in 2010 with the best american producers such as Kanye West, they’ve kept trying to meet their fans across the world through a worldwide tour that included ten cities, and through fanmeetings abroad.

“In addition to their foreign activitied and the production of a korean album after a long time, they’ll make all the Korean and international fans happy”.

JYJ members successfully had individual activities in addition to their group activities. Kim Jaejoong played a director in a drama that received good reviews from the critics, “Protect the Boss”, where we could notice is flawless acting for this role. Park Yoochun received non-stop love calls from dramas since he played in “Seongkyunkwan Scandal” and “Miss Ripley”. As for Kim Junsu, he acted in “Mozart” and “Tears of Heaven” in which he displayed his talent while selling the tickets out.

In September, JYJ started the national promotion of their first official Korean album, “In Heaven”, about one year after the release of their worldwide album, “The Beginning”.

C-JeS described this new album as made of songs previously presented during the group’s latest tour, and that were made by the members themselves. The members are eagerly waiting for the moment when they’ll be able to perform in front of their domestic fans after such a long wait. The title-track of the new album, “In Heaven”, is a sad R’n’B ballad which was published by Kim Jaejoong. The album includes “Get Out” and “You’re” among a total of ten songs.

Cr.: K-Wave Magazine

Trans.: JYJinEurope


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