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[Trans + Scans/Pic] JYJ in french magazine Kpop Life Magazine




Meeting with JYJ

With JYJ coming to Europe, we couldn’t miss such an opportunity to miss these important icons of K-pop. It’s to Barcelona that we went to meet Yoochun, Jaejoong and Junsu. So here is a double-page specially in their honor.

Thanks: Alexandra B, Alex P, Open Music, JYJ

After the SM Entertainment concert in Paris, it’s Spain and Germany’s turn to receive korean idols with JYJ’s European tour. A Kpop Life Mag’s kick-ass team went to Barcelona to meet the group.

We arrived on Friday, 24 hours before the concert, to meet with JYJ before rabble, and there’s already fans queuing in front of the venue! Despite the rain, they gathered in front of the door, patiently waiting to see their idols. Some have spent 2 nights, litterally camping on the ground, in order to get the best spots and to try to get in contact with the group before the concert.

After having gone through several check points, we finally could get our press passes, real key, and we can meet JYJ. The atmosphere is cozy and the boys appear, charming even though a bit tired, wearing simple and classy suits. Junsu is the most talkative one, giving us a lot of smiles and staying really attentive despite a dissuading language barrier.

A lot of korean journalists came, and most questions are related to JYJ and Spain.

The concert:

The concert is a total success regarding the energy and the voices of JYJ, and the atmosphere in the crowd (as well as among the artists!). A see of red lighsticks put the place on fire.

There’s however a fly in the ointment regarding the seating chart of the venue. “The VIPs were far and really on the side, we went in the seating area”, french fans told us.

French fans in Barcelona: 

The concert was in Barcelona, but it didn’t prevent french fans to make the trip to meet their idols.

Thanks to those who accepted to be taken in pictures for their good mood and their energy.


(If you want to order this issue:

Cr.: Kpop Life Magazine – Nov. Dec. issue

Scans/Shared by: JYJinEuope


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