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[News – trans.] French organization “Korean Connection” reports on JYJ first European tour

Korean Connection invites you to discover or to relive JYJ’s European tour through our selection of the best moments of the concerts and also of the press conferences!

Remember, on October the 29th and November the 6th, one of the main Korean groups, JYJ, finished its 2011 tour in Barcelona and Berlin.  Jaejoong, Yoochun et Junsu have met for the first time their European fans who came in mass to assist to their concerts. The luckiest ones could see the group perform twice in two different atmospheres (photos). This is in the heart of the Poble Espanyol and the Tempodrom that JYJ showed its capacity to perform live in front of an audience of thousands of people of different nationalities. If some were already convinced, others became convinced soon after.

The group members presented to the audience the songs that they mostly composed and produced themselves, in an intimist atmosphere.  Whereas the first steps on stage are done by singing their most famous songs, « Empty »and « Ayyy Girl », the next steps are done towards the fans who are invited to take part to a rythmical flashmob on « Be My Girl » remix. The whole concert then happens in a sharing atmosphere. Indeed, when one doesn’t cry out of emotion on Kim Junsu’s interpretation of “You are so Beautiful” or on the very touchful “In Heaven” composed by Kim Jaejoong, one cries out of laughters on the linguistic frenzy of Park Yoochun.

Beyong the performance of the three artists, we have attended a colorful show with many lightning effects, highlighted by the shining sparkle of many lightsticks that were as red as the fan’s heart. For this tour, the group successfully worked with the choreographer Rafa Mendez, who surprized the audience with a new  production, paced by the acrobatics of the european dancers.

Credits: Korean Connection

Translated and shared by: JYJinEurope


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  1. Lucky European fans~ I hope everyone had fun!
    Thanks for the translation 🙂


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