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Request JYJ on french biggest radio “NRJ” – official voting


We have recently learned that we can officially vote to request JYJ on NRJ french radio.

NRJ is the biggest radio in France for young people so if we could get them to play JYJ songs, that would give them a lot of exposure.

To make it happen, french fans need the help of the international fans from everywhere.

So here is how to vote:

Go there:

In the field besides “Saisissez un artiste et/ou un titre”, where it is written “entrez votre recherche”, type JYJ.
It will give you JYJ songs, you can select up to ten songs, which means you can select all the songs from JYJ that they propose.

Then under “validez votre selection”, type your e-mail (where it is written entrez votre e-mail) and type the code you see in the remaining field (the one with “entrez les caractères ci-dessous”.

Please help us

Thank you


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  1. Hi, what security code do I need to key in? I can’t seem to find any on the page?

  2. Maple Cassiopeia



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