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JYJFamily’s Support Project for Yoochun’s Upcoming SBS Drama ‘Rooftop Prince’


We are JYJFamily Fanbases. We would like to announce our  first united project to support JYJ’s Park Yoochun in his upcoming drama “Rooftop Prince.”

We encourage all fans to join in supporting our dear Yoochun.

The JYJFamily Fanbases joining this project are the following:

1.  Thailand – JYJ Guardian Angel | @JYJGuardian |

2.  Malaysia – JYJ Family Malaysia | @JYJFamilyMY | http://

3.  Europe – European fans of JYJ | @JYJinEurope

4.  Turkey – JYJTurkey | @JYJTurkey

5.  Saudi Arabia – JYJ | @ArabOrionJYJ

6. Philippines – JYJ Philippines | @JYJ_PH |


8. Egypt – JYJ Egypt | @JYJ_Egypt



1. Rice Wreath
Rice donation at the press conference
2. Gifts for Yoochun and the Staff



1. Card Credit / Paypal

2. Bank Transfer

Please e-mail for the details

We would be accepting donations until March 13, 2012.

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to contact/email us at or mention us on Twitter @JYJinEurope.

List of donors will be posted on each supporting fansites’ blog weekly.

Thank you very much!!!


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