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[Donation] Wreath for Yoochun’s father


As many of you may have learned already, we received the sad news that Yoochun’s father passed away.

All our prayers and thoughts go to his family, and we hope that they will stay strong in such a difficult situation.

This post was initially the one where we announced our project to send flowers to his father funeral to express our condolences to Yoochun, Yoohwan and their family.

We believe that the love from JYJ’s fans has also helped him and his family to go through this painful moment of their life.

The flowers have been sent in name of  “JYJ family” (or JYJ international fans).

You can find here a post where we show what we have ordered.

Because we don’t want to mix the more practical aspects with  the post that expresses ou love, I will put the invoices and such here, so that you all can know that your donation has been well and fully used.

If you’re the admin of a fanbase and gathered for other people, please contact us if you haven’t out paypal account.

Here is the list of people who donated
If you donated and your name doesn’t appear here – let us know as well.

(The proofs for vitamin drinks, red ginseng and other healthy things will be added later)

Thank you


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  1. we are Vietnamese cass, we have project donate too, but we don’t know how to send the flower to Yoochun’s family, can you please help me! please reply as soon as possible to my gmail:

  2. Will the money only go to flowers? I think there will be a lot of money donated.

    • We will see depending on the money – if it is too much for flowers and we realize it would be pointless to send more flowers, we will look for a good charity project to make a donation in Yoochun and his dad’s name

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  4. Hello! We have Russian Cassie. We have a similar problem that of Vietnam.Х_Х”

  5. I think to send it as “JYJ international fans” would be better than the “JYJ family” because it says that we international fans out of Asia care about it as well 🙂

  6. luckylinda (@LuckyLindaOne)

    My heart is breaking for our beloved Chunnie!!! his family means the world to him TT_TT
    thank U, JYJ Europe, for doing this!!!

    God Bless Chunnie, Yoohwan and Mama Park!!!

  7. Thank you for doing this project. During hard times like this is when we all need to come together to show him support. Just sent my donation.

  8. Hi. We are Brazilian Cassies and we want to help, how can we do it? Please reply me:

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  10. Hello, I just donate with name : Monica Galvani.
    We are 2 girls, can you put Monica Galvani and Miale Martina on the list please? We are from Italy! Thank you so much!!

  11. just sent a donation it is not much but it is something ^_^

  12. I just donated but I forgot to put the tittle “Flower wreath for YC’s father.” My mail is: I’m from Mexico

  13. How do I send in money, it says it needs to be determined but I have to send in money by the 15th, which for me is in an hour. OTL

  14. I looked at the price and we are really good! What about donating the money which won´t be used on the wreath? To some kind of organization which cures cancer for example? I heard Yoochun´s father died because of cancer it would be nice to donate the money to people who are suffering from the same disease.

  15. I commented earlier but it seems to have been erased. I’d like to donate, but there is no paypal for me to send the money to. Where I am, it’s 2am on the 15th, does this mean I can no longer donate?


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