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[JYJ Family donation] Support and love for Yoochun for his Father’s funerals

First of all, thank you to everyone who contributed to our project and who helped us to show the support from international support . We truly believe that with your contribution, we managed to show our sincere heart to Yoochun, Yoohwan and their family.

Even if I know that all of you would like to be able to do much to help Park’s family, I am sure that all our love will help them very much.

Thanks to everyone’s participation who has by far exceeded what we were expecting, and we’ve been able to send a meaningful participation to Yoochun.

This post will be updated later, but because I am sure you are all very much curious to know what you have contributed for, here is a sample of what we have ordered, with the help of the Korean flower stores who also advised regarding what would be acceptable and what it wished for during Korean funerals.

Those are the pics from the store’s website, rest assured that we have put appropriate messages on the ribbons as well as on cards, including the name of the countries that donated.

Sent at the funeral place – Delivered on the 15 th


 (* 2 units)

(*2 units)

Though food seems unusual for funerals in Korea, it is common for many countries who donated.

We have thought that through those baskets, Yoochun will understand our wishes that he will stay strong and healthy.

Sent to C-JeS’ building  on the 16th

With a message to Yoochun and Yoohwan to ensure them of our continued support past the funeral

As well as to thank C-JeS’ artists and staffs for their support to Yoochun and Yoohwan

(*10 bouquets, representing 300 stem lily flowers. Lily flowers are the symbol of purity and virtue, hence we have chose it as the symbol of the filial love of Yoochun and Yoohwan for their father, as well as the purity of the strong bonds uniting C-JeS’ artists and staff)


Due to donations being done after the closing time and/or validated by Paypal after it, the remaining amount will be used to send vitamin and vitamin drinks to Yoochun.

I will also update later the list of who donated, and give you more proofs of our orders.

Please be slightly understanding and patient, as I am the only admin for this account and despite the very valuable help of some other people (I don’t know if they would accept being cited or not) it was hard to update all the documents while keeping up with the donations, deliveries etc.

Thank you.


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  2. thanks for your help

  3. I deeply thank you for organizing this donation…

  4. thank you very much for organizing this donation. I am happy I was able to donate some money. I hope Yoochun will heal soon from his deep wound of loosing father.

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  6. thank you so much for all your time and effort.

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