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JYJ (also known as Junsu/Jejung/Yuchun in Japan) is a three member pop group, formed by Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu.

Their debut Japanese language EP The… reached No. 1 in japanese charts. 

The band’s global debut album, The Beginning, was released in October 2010.

JYJ followed up in January 2011 with another EP in the format of a “Music Essay” entitled “Their Rooms “Our Story”.”


JYJinEurope is a twitter account created by european fans of JYJ.

Our goal is to show our support to JYJ, to inform european fans about the group’s activities, and to catch european citizens’ attention and show them JYJ’s talents.


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  1. Hello I am writing this on part of a facebook group United Fans of JYJ
    we are working on a project for JYJ we would love it if more people joined in so please take the time to look it over join the group or email me to take part in the project thanks


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