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[Project] Save the JAElephants

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As you may know, Kim Jaejoong has a special interest in elephants.
Do you remember him singing the Elephant’s song during JYJ’s concert in Thailand?


Now, he also tweeted about the situation in which elephants are.

“Elephants are endangered in Thailand?? This can’t happen………. My elephants”

To help Jaejoong’s precious elephants, we propose you to do a donation to elephants help centers in Thailand.

Our plan is to have a 2-parts donation:

1/ Sponsor on elephant in Jaejoong’s name in this center (cost: $75 for a year)

Reading the history of the elephants, we have decided to sponsor “Hope”. This orphan elephant could overcome the sadness and the difficulties thanks to his friends, just like how friends – and especially Junsu and Yoochun – are important to Jaejoong and just as JYJ helped each others through the difficulties of life.
Besides, we thing that “Hope” is an important thing for our fandom, and we want to give “Hope” to Jaejoong and JYJ.

2/ Make a donation to this center

Because they not only help the Elephants living in their foundation, but also work hard to raise awareness about the situation of elephants. Hence, we think that a donation to this center will be meaningful on a longer term, as raising awareness will also help all the elephants worldwide.

The donation will be done by “JYJ’s worldwide fans”, but in Kim Jaejoong’s name.

How to donate?

Send a paypal donation to:

All the donations will be listed on this document, which will be updated at least once a day.

You can donate up to June, 15th.

You can precide the name under which you want the donation to appear, was well as your country, and you can also mention it if you want your donation to go to only one of the two organisations we selected.

Of course, once the donation to the selected organisations are done, we will provide you the proof of donation.

For any question, you can contact us at


[JYJ Family donation] Support and love for Yoochun for his Father’s funerals

First of all, thank you to everyone who contributed to our project and who helped us to show the support from international support . We truly believe that with your contribution, we managed to show our sincere heart to Yoochun, Yoohwan and their family.

Even if I know that all of you would like to be able to do much to help Park’s family, I am sure that all our love will help them very much.

Thanks to everyone’s participation who has by far exceeded what we were expecting, and we’ve been able to send a meaningful participation to Yoochun.

This post will be updated later, but because I am sure you are all very much curious to know what you have contributed for, here is a sample of what we have ordered, with the help of the Korean flower stores who also advised regarding what would be acceptable and what it wished for during Korean funerals.

Those are the pics from the store’s website, rest assured that we have put appropriate messages on the ribbons as well as on cards, including the name of the countries that donated.

Sent at the funeral place – Delivered on the 15 th


 (* 2 units)

(*2 units)

Though food seems unusual for funerals in Korea, it is common for many countries who donated.

We have thought that through those baskets, Yoochun will understand our wishes that he will stay strong and healthy.

Sent to C-JeS’ building  on the 16th

With a message to Yoochun and Yoohwan to ensure them of our continued support past the funeral

As well as to thank C-JeS’ artists and staffs for their support to Yoochun and Yoohwan

(*10 bouquets, representing 300 stem lily flowers. Lily flowers are the symbol of purity and virtue, hence we have chose it as the symbol of the filial love of Yoochun and Yoohwan for their father, as well as the purity of the strong bonds uniting C-JeS’ artists and staff)


Due to donations being done after the closing time and/or validated by Paypal after it, the remaining amount will be used to send vitamin and vitamin drinks to Yoochun.

I will also update later the list of who donated, and give you more proofs of our orders.

Please be slightly understanding and patient, as I am the only admin for this account and despite the very valuable help of some other people (I don’t know if they would accept being cited or not) it was hard to update all the documents while keeping up with the donations, deliveries etc.

Thank you.

[Donation] Wreath for Yoochun’s father


As many of you may have learned already, we received the sad news that Yoochun’s father passed away.

All our prayers and thoughts go to his family, and we hope that they will stay strong in such a difficult situation.

This post was initially the one where we announced our project to send flowers to his father funeral to express our condolences to Yoochun, Yoohwan and their family.

We believe that the love from JYJ’s fans has also helped him and his family to go through this painful moment of their life.

The flowers have been sent in name of  “JYJ family” (or JYJ international fans).

You can find here a post where we show what we have ordered.

Because we don’t want to mix the more practical aspects with  the post that expresses ou love, I will put the invoices and such here, so that you all can know that your donation has been well and fully used.

If you’re the admin of a fanbase and gathered for other people, please contact us if you haven’t out paypal account.

Here is the list of people who donated
If you donated and your name doesn’t appear here – let us know as well.

(The proofs for vitamin drinks, red ginseng and other healthy things will be added later)

Thank you

JYJFamily’s Support Project for Yoochun’s Upcoming SBS Drama ‘Rooftop Prince’


We are JYJFamily Fanbases. We would like to announce our  first united project to support JYJ’s Park Yoochun in his upcoming drama “Rooftop Prince.”

We encourage all fans to join in supporting our dear Yoochun.

The JYJFamily Fanbases joining this project are the following:

1.  Thailand – JYJ Guardian Angel | @JYJGuardian |

2.  Malaysia – JYJ Family Malaysia | @JYJFamilyMY | http://

3.  Europe – European fans of JYJ | @JYJinEurope

4.  Turkey – JYJTurkey | @JYJTurkey

5.  Saudi Arabia – JYJ | @ArabOrionJYJ

6. Philippines – JYJ Philippines | @JYJ_PH |


8. Egypt – JYJ Egypt | @JYJ_Egypt



1. Rice Wreath
Rice donation at the press conference
2. Gifts for Yoochun and the Staff



1. Card Credit / Paypal

2. Bank Transfer

Please e-mail for the details

We would be accepting donations until March 13, 2012.

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to contact/email us at or mention us on Twitter @JYJinEurope.

List of donors will be posted on each supporting fansites’ blog weekly.

Thank you very much!!!

Request JYJ on french biggest radio “NRJ” – official voting


We have recently learned that we can officially vote to request JYJ on NRJ french radio.

NRJ is the biggest radio in France for young people so if we could get them to play JYJ songs, that would give them a lot of exposure.

To make it happen, french fans need the help of the international fans from everywhere.

So here is how to vote:

Go there:

In the field besides “Saisissez un artiste et/ou un titre”, where it is written “entrez votre recherche”, type JYJ.
It will give you JYJ songs, you can select up to ten songs, which means you can select all the songs from JYJ that they propose.

Then under “validez votre selection”, type your e-mail (where it is written entrez votre e-mail) and type the code you see in the remaining field (the one with “entrez les caractères ci-dessous”.

Please help us

Thank you

[News] JYJ thank European fans their wins at the “So Loved Awards”

The So-Loved awards are K-pop awards organized by Colors of Korea, with voting allowed for everyone living in Europe.

Voting in the 17 categories was open from November 1 until November 30.

JYJ received a total of three awards (Best Band male, Best Album and Best MV) and sent a video message to their european fans.

Besides, Protect the Boss – in which JYJ’s member Kim Jaejoong debuted as an actor received the best drama award.

The best OST award was given to “You’re so Beautiful”, sang by JYJ’s member Kim Junsu for the drama “Scent of Woman”.

Below: the videos announcing the results.

Best Band Male:

Best Album:

Best MV:

Best Drama:

Best OST:

Credits: ColorsOfKorea and JYJinEurope

Shared by: JYJinEurope

[News – trans.] French organization “Korean Connection” reports on JYJ first European tour

Korean Connection invites you to discover or to relive JYJ’s European tour through our selection of the best moments of the concerts and also of the press conferences!

Remember, on October the 29th and November the 6th, one of the main Korean groups, JYJ, finished its 2011 tour in Barcelona and Berlin.  Jaejoong, Yoochun et Junsu have met for the first time their European fans who came in mass to assist to their concerts. The luckiest ones could see the group perform twice in two different atmospheres (photos). This is in the heart of the Poble Espanyol and the Tempodrom that JYJ showed its capacity to perform live in front of an audience of thousands of people of different nationalities. If some were already convinced, others became convinced soon after.

The group members presented to the audience the songs that they mostly composed and produced themselves, in an intimist atmosphere.  Whereas the first steps on stage are done by singing their most famous songs, « Empty »and « Ayyy Girl », the next steps are done towards the fans who are invited to take part to a rythmical flashmob on « Be My Girl » remix. The whole concert then happens in a sharing atmosphere. Indeed, when one doesn’t cry out of emotion on Kim Junsu’s interpretation of “You are so Beautiful” or on the very touchful “In Heaven” composed by Kim Jaejoong, one cries out of laughters on the linguistic frenzy of Park Yoochun.

Beyong the performance of the three artists, we have attended a colorful show with many lightning effects, highlighted by the shining sparkle of many lightsticks that were as red as the fan’s heart. For this tour, the group successfully worked with the choreographer Rafa Mendez, who surprized the audience with a new  production, paced by the acrobatics of the european dancers.

Credits: Korean Connection

Translated and shared by: JYJinEurope