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JYJ in european media

German magazine “Popcorn”

Because they were sick of their old band TVXQ (iconic kpop group, debuted 2003) Junsu, Yoochun and Jaejoong came together as JYJ.
Their first album “The Beginning” became a winner in South Korea and Japan in 2010. A fan girl on the web: “JYJ sing like dark angels from a different world.” Currently they’re planning a tour, it’s said there’s going to be Germany-dates as well.

Translated by: Elina@phoenix

Personal note: Please note that it’s obvious this article shows minimum researches on JYJ.

Hence please don’t give more meaning to the “Germany-dates part” than what was already announced, it’s not a confirmation or anything even remotely close to a confirmation.


German magazine “Popcorn”

“After J-Rock, now comes K-pop! JYJ (stands for the first name of the young people: Junsu, Yuchun and Jejung) are already superstars in South-Korea. Now these three want to be popular outside their own country. After their first US-tour, JYJ are bringing their album “The Beginning” on our market in February”.

Legend of the picture- Pop-rock from South-Korea: JYJ spreads their wings in Germany in February

French magazine “JapanLifeStyle”

After having spent a long time as a superstar, Jaejoong has become a sex-symbol almost without noticing it.
Which is strange, since from the start, we knew why.

How do you know that a star leave its mark in everyone’s mind? It’s when this star isn’t as much mediatized but keeps being talked about. A mysterious look, a haircut that hides half of his mischievous face, and most of all an (almost) innocent smile: it’s logical that Kim Jaejoong is hard to forget.

The other side of fame’s coin

At a young age, Jaejoong knew what he wanted. Doing what was needed to reach his goal, he leaves his family to start a career in the show-business. But things don’t go as planned. Hired by his favorite group’s agency, he has to take part-time jobs to pay for dansing and singing classes. Eventhough, in december 2003, 2 years and a half after joining SM Entertainment, he becomes a member of TVXQ! Together, the five handsome boys of the group will renew the idea of “boys band” in Korea.

Fame being often accompanied by setbacks, once again he isn’t spared, like when his hurtful past is made known publicly by tabloids. When TVXQ’s popularity is at its top, Jaejoong as well as Yoochun and Junsu, two other members of the group, fill a lawsuit against their agency ***. When in october 2009 the korean Court makes a statement in favor of the three men, the group’s fate is written. Six months later, the break-up is official and the “TVXQ soul” written on his back will prevent him from forgetting this experience.


Being the victims of a boycott from media in Korea, the three men, renamed JYJ, travels the world with a big-scale tour that includes China, the United States or Canada.
The other news about Jaejoong are in front of cameras. Late 2009, Postman to Heaven is released. It is his first real part by Hyo-Joo Han’s side. More unusually, a few months later, the young man makes his debuts on japanese TV in Sunao ni Narenakute. His part as a doctor will make him win an award as the best second-lead from the daily newspaper Nikkan Sports. Late 2011, the artist should play the main-lead in Hanbando (T/N the article was probably written before the announce about Protect the Boss), a K-drama about this mysterious national intelligence’s boss in a unified Korea.


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