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[Trans + Scans/Pic] JYJ in french magazine Kpop Life Magazine




Meeting with JYJ

With JYJ coming to Europe, we couldn’t miss such an opportunity to miss these important icons of K-pop. It’s to Barcelona that we went to meet Yoochun, Jaejoong and Junsu. So here is a double-page specially in their honor.

Thanks: Alexandra B, Alex P, Open Music, JYJ

After the SM Entertainment concert in Paris, it’s Spain and Germany’s turn to receive korean idols with JYJ’s European tour. A Kpop Life Mag’s kick-ass team went to Barcelona to meet the group.

We arrived on Friday, 24 hours before the concert, to meet with JYJ before rabble, and there’s already fans queuing in front of the venue! Despite the rain, they gathered in front of the door, patiently waiting to see their idols. Some have spent 2 nights, litterally camping on the ground, in order to get the best spots and to try to get in contact with the group before the concert.

After having gone through several check points, we finally could get our press passes, real key, and we can meet JYJ. The atmosphere is cozy and the boys appear, charming even though a bit tired, wearing simple and classy suits. Junsu is the most talkative one, giving us a lot of smiles and staying really attentive despite a dissuading language barrier.

A lot of korean journalists came, and most questions are related to JYJ and Spain.

The concert:

The concert is a total success regarding the energy and the voices of JYJ, and the atmosphere in the crowd (as well as among the artists!). A see of red lighsticks put the place on fire.

There’s however a fly in the ointment regarding the seating chart of the venue. “The VIPs were far and really on the side, we went in the seating area”, french fans told us.

French fans in Barcelona: 

The concert was in Barcelona, but it didn’t prevent french fans to make the trip to meet their idols.

Thanks to those who accepted to be taken in pictures for their good mood and their energy.


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Cr.: Kpop Life Magazine – Nov. Dec. issue

Scans/Shared by: JYJinEuope


[Trans + Scans] JYJ in french magazine “Asian Pop”

 JYJ, a group with a career fraught with pitfalls 

JYJ is one of these many successful Korean boybands. The group is composed of 3 members, all of them being former DBSK members: Jae Joong (Hero), Jun Su (Xiah) and Yoo Cheon (Micky). If these three young singers are enjoying a great success among fans to the point of holding concerts in Europe, one can’t deny that they had a lot of troubles before coming this far, and it’s still the same case…

Presentation of the members:

Kim Jaejoong is 25 years old. He’s the oldest member of the group. He doesn’t like being told he’s pretty or cute because to him these are too feminine terms and he hates being compared to a girl. He uses the pseudonym “Hero” and he’s often mentionned like that. Jae Joong likes writing a lot and he also composes songs. Park Yoo Chun is also 25 but was born nearly 6 months after Jae Joong. He’s considered as the laziest member being always the latest one to get up. He’s a bit like the clown of the group and he likes teasing Jae Joong a lot. He lived 4 years in Virginia so he has fluency in English in addition to being a good actor. Finally, Jun Su is 24. He has a twin brother who’s also part of the musical world: Jun Ho (JUNO). He has a very beautiful voice and idols have revealed that he could sing all kinds of music knowing very well how to play the piano at the same time. In the group, he’s a bit like the mediator, but also the most bullied boy out of the three, you just need to see the “threats” members are sending each other on Twitter.

The lawsuit against SM: 

The group JYJ whose name comes quite simply from the initials of the three members, has been formed following serious legal disputes between DBSK and their label SM Entertainment. Indeed, in July 2009, Jae Joong, Yoo Chun and Jun Su filed a complaint against their label because their contract had too much abusive conditions, to the limit of slavery! They had a 13-year-long contract with the label, work rythmm too steady and intensive work hours badly if not to say underpaid. The three boys have even declared not having been paid since February 2009.
Thus, in October 2009, following a lawsuit, the exclusive clause binding the three DBSK members to SM has been broken, allowing them finally to carry their own activities. However, as long as the lawsuit is not finished, they will always be bound to the label.
DBSK activities are then suspended in Korea while being carried on in Japan at their Japanese label side Avex.
In April 2010, DBSK Japanese activities are interrupted. A complaint is filed a little after by SM against JYJ and their current label C-JeS Entertainment. In the end, in 2011, all the lawsuits initiated by SM have been cancelled, except the one which concerns the contract binding the three boys to the label.
The 3rd hearing of the lawsuit was held in March 2011. The 4th one was scheduled for April 2011 but had been postponed and since, we have no news of this lawsuit.

JYJ can’t perform on stage

Indeed, among the consequences of the lawsuit that opposes JYJ and SM Entertainment, we can see the biggest problem that JYJ is facing: they can’t perform on stage. Even though after debuting, JYJ had two concerts in November 2010 as well as a live performance during the KBS Drama Awards, they won’t be allowed anymore to participate to shows in South Korea, and then in Japan. Their shows are cancelled one by one, and they can’t even promote their albums. It his hence the fans who took care of the promotion by organizing ads campaigns in the subway and buses.

When their DVD entitled JYJ Memories in 2010 was released in Japan, Avex prevents it from appearing in the Oricon Chart, famous ranking for Japanese artists’ singles and albums.

Rumors tend to say that if JYJ isn’t allowed to appear on TV, it is to avoid influencing the ongoing lawsuit. Fans can only hope for this situation to quickly get solved so that this desastrous situation will end.

JYJ doesn’t let it get them down

Despite all the problems they meet, whether it’s to produce their albums, perform on a stage or to handle their lawsuit against SM Entertainment, JYJ doesn’t give up and they keep singing and performing, to their fans’ greatest happiness. It’s good to notice that their “The Beginning” album has been made with the collaboration of Kanye West.

Following the disaster that happened in Japan back in March, the group decided to organize a charity concert that almost got cancelled on Avex’ request. Beside, the group also was appointed ambassadors for JeJu Island that was a candidate for the 7 new wonders of the world. Four days before a TV show broadcasted on KBS was recorded, JYJ has been replaced by SNSD and F(X), even though the Island affirms that they still wanted JYJ as ambassadors.

More recently, on September, 23th, they did their come-back in South Korea with the release of their new album entitled “In Heaven”. It has been considered in Korea as the album that sold the most in September 3 days only after its release.

The group performs abroad

Fans already know it, in Spring 2011, their very first worldwide tour started. JYJ gave a round of concerts in Thailand, Taiwan, China, Canada and even in the United States, as well as concerts in South Korea in Busan and Gwangju.

However, it is the first time that the group performs in Europe! Indeed, they had a concert on October, 29th in Barcelona, Spain, and one on November, 6th in Berlin, Germany. We should also notice that during this worldwide tour, Kim Jaejoong has been put in charge of the setlist, lightning, directing and such for all the asian concerts.

In short, JYJ is a group that is facing a lot of difficulties on their way, but their fans are here to vividly support them, as proven by their success! Let’s hope that this lawsuit will come soon to an end.

Cr. “Asian Pop”, December issue

Translation: @kwonsshi + JYJinEurope

Scans/Shared by: JYJinEurope

[Pics + Trans K-Wave] “I am a fan” (YOGI, JYJ-fanartist)

Cho Young-Pil created a huge fanclub made of young teenagers for the first time in Korea. Seo Tae-Ji was named president of culture and H.O.T. became a foundation of Korean fanclubs thanks to its “agressivity”.

At that time, fans were listening again and again the audio tapes of their artists, until the day when they wanted more. That’s why they started to wait in front of the banks for hours to buy concert tickets. Fans have sent a lot of letters and gifts to idols, a especially thanks to the Internet, they’ve posted videos in which they thing their favorite songs on Youtube. A new branch is opening, in which fans can show in a quite original way how they support their favorite artists.

K-Wave has interviewed a fan-artist called Yogi, who became popular thanks to the fandom that she joined: JYJ’s. With her drawings, she became famous among the members of JYJ fandom. Her blogs keep the highest number of visits, even when she doesn’t post drawings.

Recently, she officially became the supporter of the “Protect the Boss” drama in which JYJ members appear. She’s gotten her display board on the home page of the drama, on which her drawings appeared. YOGI is an independant fan-artist who works on a portraits website at the same time.

Yogi’s profile

Name: YOGI

Age: 20

Hobbies:Taking pictures, drawing JYJ.

She words for a website that produces portrait, “Hyunart”, and uses the nickname “labiebel”. Yogi’s drawings appear in the famous drama “Protect the Boss”.

Q: What made you become a JYJ fan?

A: I’ve been a TVXQ fan for 7 years. I became a fan when seeing their “Tri-angle” MV and I started to get interested in this music. I think that I like strong things. Now, I actually work as a JYJ fan. At some time I had financial problems, but when hearing an interview of JYJ, they encouraged me to strongly have faith in myself. To me, JYJ are like a swamp from which I can’t escape.

Q: Why drawing JYJ?

A: When I draw something, I’m used to drawing what I like and what I’m interested in, so it’s clearly the reason why I started to draw JYJ.

Q: Do you have funny memories while working as a fan-artist?

A: First, my drawing skills and the way I use the programms have improved. Several people were surprized to learn that I’ve studied fine arts, because to be honnest the drawings that I post on the websites are simply cute characters. In short, 90% of my works are JYJ drawings. When I draw for classes, it takes me 4-5 months from the start to the final drawing, while I can do 30 JYJ drawings per day (laugh). Lately, my friends have started to worry about me, because I’m too serious about it… But I can help loving JYJ.

Q: Do you have difficulties when working as a fan-artist?

A: It’s really hard when people use my drawings for a commercial use. If these people are in Korea, then I can ask them to stop. Well, there’s been several cases, when people in foreign countries sell T-shirts and other goodies with my drawings. I feel irritated and angry when it happens because my drawings have a pure purpose.

Q: Do you have an encouraging message for JYJ?

A: I’ll always thank them for giving me good music. I hope that JYJ understand that a lot of fans are happy thanks to them. I also wish that JYJ will always be happy and healthy. I’m not sure of what it the life of celebrities, because I don’t live that life, but I’m sure that it’s a tiring job. Hence, I don’t believe in any religion but I pray every day for JYJ. I would just like to say that, please, take care of your health because health is the most important. I’ll alway support you guys.

Yogi’s blog ->

Cr. K-Wave Magazine, Yogi

Trans.: JYJinEurope

[Pics + Trans. K-Wave] We couldn’t miss it: Protect the Boss

“The real couple of Protect the Boss is Ji Sung and Jaejoong”

“We’ve spent the night together”.

This is a “Protect the Boss” couple (who was recently broadcasted on SBS” that many fans are fond of.

The main couples of the drama are the “boss-secretary” couple, called Bobi couple, and the couple of Seo Na Yoon and Cha Moo Won, called Namu couple. But in addition to these two couples, the “ChaCha” duo (Cha Ji Heon and Cha Moo Won) is very popular among fans. Furthermore, many fans created after this the “ChaCha game”, which consists in reenacting the scene in which Ji Heon, who is mysophobic, touched Moo Won’s cheek when they were taking care of each others after drinking too much.

Actually, the atmosphere before the drama starts was a serious one. However, Ji Sung revealed that Jaejoong and him have slept in the same bed together, wearing only underwears the night following the drama presentation by the production team.

He explained : “After having drunk a few beers with the staff members, they advised us to go to sleep. But when we entered the room, there was only a two-people bed. Eventhough the A/C was on it was pretty hot. When I woke up the next morning, we weren’t wearing anything excepted our underwears. It was really embarassing”. In a recent interview, Jaejoong said to the reporters: “Thanks to Ji Sung, I could improve myself. If you watch the drama, you’ll see that I get better at each scene. I couldn’t have done it without Ji Sung. Despite him working already very hard on his character, he kept taking care of me. I think that’s why my acting got better”.

Ji Sung and Jaejoong became good friends during the drama and kept in touch once the filming was over. According to the information, they meet regularly. All this shows that the real couple of Protect the Boss is Ji Sung and Jaejoong.

“Disagreements? We don’t have any!”

“We never get angry”.

All the filming was done in a good mood. Even though the viewer ratings were of 20%, the people on the set would have given it a 40% rate. Their reason: the Protect the Boss team was often reunited to eat.

First, Ji Sung had bought food for about one hundred people to celebrate the drama’s first rank in the viewerships ranking. Ji Sung then said “I’ve always wanted to eat with the staff but it wasn’t easy beacause everybody was very busy. I’m really happy to celebrate this first rank and to eat with you all!”.

Then Jaejoong asked for Samgyetang delivery (chicken soup with ginseng) for about one hundred people in order to celebrate the Malbok (a korean tradition which consists in having a picnic during the hottest days of the year).

The writter of Protect the Boss, Kwon Gi Young, also offered a meal to the whole staff as a thank you. As for the production team, they organized a party during the Malbok to celebrate for the first rank in the viewership ranking.

A lot of fans also supported the actors and the staff. They’ve sent a lot of gifts not only from Korea but from other countries. Kim Jaejoong’s fan even delivered a meal for the whole staff. Also Choi Gang Hee’s fans went on the set with food for everybody. They hence could enjoy some time with the actress.

Protect the Boss also received support from a lot of celebrities. The actor Jang Geun Suk made a surpise-visit to his friend Ji Sung to encourage him and took the opportunity to offer chicken to everybody. Ji Sung thanked him and posted a picture of themselves on his Me2Day. JYJ members – Jaejoong’s group – Junsu and Yoochun also came to encourage their friend and treated the staff members to a meal. These ones then posted on their twitter account “Yoochun and Junsu came on Protect the Boss filming set to encourage Jaejoong! They treated us to a delicious meal!”.

Cr.: K-Wave magazine

Trans.: JYJinEurope

[Pics + Trans K-Wave] JYJ, a determined trio

The group JYJ – from Asia to the USA to Europe… A Spain-Germain tour.

The group JYJ, composed of Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu, gave their  first concert in Europe.

On October, 29th, JYJ lauched the first concert of their European tour in Spain. After Spain, the second performance was held in Berlin, in the Tempodrom, where the winner of “Britain’s got talent” recently held a concert.

CJ Entertainment (C-JeS), who is responsible for JYJ’s management, said that after the release of JYJ’s worldwide album, there’s been so many love calls from Eastern and Northern Europe that it was impossible for them to not perform there.

C-JeS admits that “the choice of the cities for the European tour was a strategy to reach Northern, Western and Eastern Europe”. And we can understand them!

The promoter of the Spain concert explains that the reason for JYJ’s popularity in Europe is their particular music that fits their European fans’ taste, but also because they produced and album in english, and most of all because of their great abilities as live performers.

JYJ added that they were “very impressed and happy to prepare for a performance in a new city with fans that they had never met before” and also showed their determination to “produce the best performance with the best team because of the global expectations”, and hence successfully completed their concert.

This wasn’t JYJ’s first performance outside of Korea. After the production of their worldwide album “The Beginning” in 2010 with the best american producers such as Kanye West, they’ve kept trying to meet their fans across the world through a worldwide tour that included ten cities, and through fanmeetings abroad.

“In addition to their foreign activitied and the production of a korean album after a long time, they’ll make all the Korean and international fans happy”.

JYJ members successfully had individual activities in addition to their group activities. Kim Jaejoong played a director in a drama that received good reviews from the critics, “Protect the Boss”, where we could notice is flawless acting for this role. Park Yoochun received non-stop love calls from dramas since he played in “Seongkyunkwan Scandal” and “Miss Ripley”. As for Kim Junsu, he acted in “Mozart” and “Tears of Heaven” in which he displayed his talent while selling the tickets out.

In September, JYJ started the national promotion of their first official Korean album, “In Heaven”, about one year after the release of their worldwide album, “The Beginning”.

C-JeS described this new album as made of songs previously presented during the group’s latest tour, and that were made by the members themselves. The members are eagerly waiting for the moment when they’ll be able to perform in front of their domestic fans after such a long wait. The title-track of the new album, “In Heaven”, is a sad R’n’B ballad which was published by Kim Jaejoong. The album includes “Get Out” and “You’re” among a total of ten songs.

Cr.: K-Wave Magazine

Trans.: JYJinEurope

[Trans. + Pics K-Wave] Jaejoong, a special actor

It’s not Kim Jaejoong the singer, but Kim Jaejoong the actor who lets us discover a bit more about this “himself” who entered into a new domain.

Being the favorite idol of the public, he now plays in “Protect the Boss” as a cold urban man, Cha Moo Won, who as nicknamed “Prince”. It is his first time appearing in a drama as one of the main roles, yet is acting is very successful, as proven by the positive reviews from the viewers.

“I regret my role in Heaven’s Postman”.

It is indeed not the first time that Kim Jaejoong goes in front of the camera. In 2004, he was a figurant in Gang Jaekyu’s movie “The Taekugi”. But his career really started in 2009 in the movie “Heaven’s Postman”, produced by a korean PD but with a scenario from the Japanese writter Kitagawa Eriko. Jaejoong still feels sorry towards the lead actress Han Hyojoo and the PD Lee Hyungmin because of his lack of skills as an actor. Back then, he was actively promoting as a TVXQ member, and he regrets not having been “prepared” to be an actor. He also wasn’t eager to act. “If I could re-do this movie”, Jaejoong says, “I would do my best to maximize my potential”.

Being able to see his attitude towards acting, you can tell that he’s serious about it.

After this, he filmed along with Japanese celebrities Ueno Juri and Eita in the drama called “Sunao ni Narenakute” (Hard to say I love you), broadcasted on Fuji TV in Japan. A lot of critics were favorable to Jaejoong, and he remembers that it is back then that he changed his attitude towards acting.

Following this, he became highly demanded in the Korean drama industry. He reviewed offers for both dramas and movies, but had to refuse more that a dozen of them due to a packed schedule that was including a worldwide tour with his group.

After this long period of time, his fans got excited about him finally accepting  a drama offer. Jaejoong said that the story, the ideas and the character he plays please him.

He particularly appreciates “Protect the Boss”. He was worried that the audience would consider him as a singer only, and hence insisted on getting a correct preparation in order to fit well among the other actors. He mentionned once that he would do his best to focus on his role but also has some interest for the idea of winning an award or having high viewer ratings. He uses the word “pit-a-pat” to describe his feelings, he feels anxious about doing something new, but not pressured.

“Cha Moo Won” is an untypical character”.

The drama “Protect the Boss” has been written by Kwon Ki Young, known for “Crazy about love” and has been directed by Son Jung Hyun, who was also the PD for “Lovers in Paris”. The story is about an unexperienced secretary who meets the “infamous despicable second-generation Chaebols”. Jaejoong plays a young entrepreneur, Cha Moo Won, who is nicknamed “Prince of the financial world”. He’s supposed to be an infamous second-generation Chaebol and also has an astonishing ambition, good skills and great social abilities. This is why he is nicknamed “Prince” wherever he goes.

He is in conflict with his cousin Cha Ji Heon, played by Ji Sung, the other main character of the story. Encouraged by their parents, they fight for the managing rights of the family business.

Jaejoong – or Cha Moo Won in the story – has a soft image that fits his meticulous mind of business-man. He looses this image when he’s in front of his cousin. This is when his untypical side comes out, Moo Won becomes childish and immature when they meet each others. This unbalanced personnality makes the character and the story very interesting. Jaejoong says that his personnality is very different from Cha Moo Won’s, as Cha Moo Won is flawless.

To prevent himself from copying someone else’s acting, Jaejoong didn’t study or watch other similar korean dramas such as “Secret Garden” or “The Best Love”. In these two dramas character that are similar to Jaejoong’s appear: Kim Joo Won and Jin Dokgo. Instead he started thinking as a real secong-generation Chaebol. “How do they think?”, “How do they behave?”, “How do they dress and talk?”… These are questions that he asked himself.

In order to avoid everything that isn’t necessary to Kim Jaejoong’s image, he purposedly tried to keep his hairstyle and his fashion style simple.

Cr: K-Wave Magazine

Trans.: JYJinEurope

Donation for Mango Tree project through bank transfer (for I-Fans)


Here are the bank account information for international fans to donate for the Mango Tree project to which C-JeS family took part.

Bank Transfer details:
swift code: HVBKKRSE
Woori Bank Seoul

Bank account: 143-059362-01-028

203 Hoehyon Dong 1 GA Chung GU
100-792 SEOUL

City: Seoul

Country:  Republic of Korea

Cr: C-JeS, JYJ3 and rubypurple_fan