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[Video fanproject] Happy 2012 JYJ

Hello everybody

We are launching a video project to thank JYJ for all the happiness they gave us in 2011, and to give them our well wishes for 2012.

The project:

Creating a video (that will be released on Dec. 25th) to show that we’ll remember only the good moments of 2011, and that we’re looking forward to 2012, with the belief that JYJ will be happy and do even more amazing things in 2012.

You may have noticed that the video will be released on Dec. 25th ~ so of course it’ll have to be a joyful and cheerful video. The key word is “optimism”. Don’t hesitate to give a “holiday feeling” to your contributions^^


Type of contribution: please send us a video or a picture message. If you only want to send a written message that’s also OK we’ll make a picture of it, but please don’t make it too long since it’ll have to be short enough to be made into a picture. Also please make it in english, or if you do a message video in an other language, add the translation on the video or in your e-mail.

Deadline to send your contributions: Dec. 15th

Where to send te contributions:

Who can contribute: Everybody^^ The more the merrier

Please spread the word, and let’s show a cheerful and united #JYJFamily


[Pic + translation] JYJ in German magazine “Popcorn”


Kpop is far away, uncool and no one cares about it here? Wrong! The Korean superstars JYJ just held their first European Tour celebrated by thousands of fans!
«The Boys received oodles of letters, yes even calls from Europe – so they decided to hold a live show for their fans there now!» a spokesman said. Starting signal for K-Pop over here!

JYJ (formed in 2010) are the first K-Band that is international recognized: For their debut album «The Beginning» (2010) they were supported by US-rapper Kanye West! The sound of the cool Gentleman-Trio is soulful pop, the beginning of 2012 comes their new album «Heaven» and new gigs!

Note: this is the 3rd time that this magazine mentions JYJ

Cr for translation: Phoenix fanclub

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K-pop Life Magazine (french magazine) puts JYJ on their cover

Want to buy it? It’s not available yet.

But once it is, you can order it on the web from Litchee Store, they ship abroad – of course we’ll update you.

The article will be about their Barcelona concert.

[Humor/Spazz] Chun-bottle is real

Yoochun has found a new lover… Find out who it is…



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[Vid] JYJ at Berlin press conference

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